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Sku: GUNT428774NOK

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205/55 R 16 94W XL NOKIAN LINE
Width: 205
Profile: 55
Rim: 16
Load: 94 = 670 Kg
Speed: W = 270 KMH
Run-Flat: No
Vehicle: Car
Season: Summer
Fuel Efficiency: C
Wet Grip Rating: A
Noise Rating: 72
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Nokian Line

Wet Performer

State-of-the-art performance for wet roads

The Nokian Line summer tyre masters rapidly changing summer weather, offering the best possible grip and precise driving feel even at high speeds and rain-soaked roads.

Easy to control and logical, even at high speeds

Effective aquaplaning prevention, maximum wet grip

Safe and economical

Effective aquaplaning prevention

The Swoop Grooves enable the excellent wet grip and effective aquaplaning prevention of the tyre even under difficult conditions.

Swoop Grooves

According to research, rain is the weather phenomenon that causes the most traffic accidents in the summer. A sudden thunderstorm increases the possibility of temporarily losing control of your vehicle. A significant cause of this is the loss of grip or the threat of aquaplaning that can instantly turn the driver into a passenger.

Nokian Tyres has designed special swoop grooves in its tyres that improve their wet grip and prevent aquaplaning even under difficult weather conditions. The swoop grooves have been built on the transverse main grooves of the tyre's inner shoulder. These elliptical indentations store more water as the volume of the transverse grooves increases.  This design ensures excellent grip even as the tyre wears down, since the swoop grooves are larger at the bottom. This makes their volume increase instead of decreasing.

Better driving stability, lower rolling resistance

The unique Cross-block sipes provide driving stability and reduce the tyre's rolling resistance and noise level, thereby making driving a pleasantly smooth experience.

Cross-block Sipes

The Cross-block sipes on the ribs of the tyre's centre area work in two ways. Near the outer shoulder, the Cross-block sipes work together with the stiffer rib, providing stability for all conditions. The more heavily articulated Cross-block sipe on the rib next to the inner shoulder ensures soft road contact, reducing rolling resistance and noise level. The angle and groove volume of the Cross-block sipe that is diagonal to the rib have been optimised.

On wet roads, the Cross-block sipe is also doubly effective at preventing aquaplaning. On road contact, it stores water and accelerates the flow of water into the main grooves.

Precise driving feel

The Double Block support on the outer shoulder of the tyre guarantees a precise driving feel. It is activated for additional support under harder driving, as the tread blocks turn against each other and stiffen the tyre structure. In normal driving, however, the Double Block support is flexible, which in turn lowers the rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.

The shoulder areas of the tyre are also supported using 20-degree angles of inclination on the groove walls; this provides excellent driving stability during cornering, lane changes, and evasions, for example.


Additional Information

EAN code 6419440287744
Model LINE
Vehicle Car
Season Summer
Width 205
Profile 55
Rim 16
Load 94
Speed W
Date of Production n/a
Fuel Efficiency C
Wet Grip Rating A
Noise Rating 72
Run-Flat No

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