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Sku: GUNT429932NOKD16

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255/40ZR18 99Y XL ZLINE
Width: 255
Profile: 40
Rim: 18
Load: 99 = 775 Kg
Speed: Y = 300 KMH
Run-Flat: No
Vehicle: Car
Season: Summer
Fuel Efficiency: C
Wet Grip Rating: A
Noise Rating: 73
Date of Production: 2016
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Nokian zLine

Cool Performer

Safety tailored for high speeds and demanding use, especially for the varying summer weather in Central Europe.

The sporty Nokian zLine is the professional of demanding driving situations. It immediately responds to steering and maintains a perfect feel for the road under all conditions.

Extreme safety for wet roads

Maintains precise handling at high speeds

Stable, precise, and quiet

Especially designed for powerful cars

Effective aquaplaning prevention

The Swoop Grooves enable the excellent wet grip and effective aquaplaning prevention of the tyre even under difficult conditions.

Swoop Grooves

According to research, rain is the weather phenomenon that causes the most traffic accidents in the summer. A sudden thunderstorm increases the possibility of temporarily losing control of your vehicle. A significant cause of this is the loss of grip or the threat of aquaplaning that can instantly turn the driver into a passenger.

Nokian Tyres has designed special swoop grooves in its tyres that improve their wet grip and prevent aquaplaning even under difficult weather conditions. The swoop grooves have been built on the transverse main grooves of the tyre's inner shoulder. These elliptical indentations store more water as the volume of the transverse grooves increases.  This design ensures excellent grip even as the tyre wears down, since the swoop grooves are larger at the bottom. This makes their volume increase instead of decreasing.

More precise steering feel

Better handling, more grip, and predictable driving

Multi-layered structure

Using different rubber compounds in the multi-layered structure can affect the different characteristics of the tyre. The Nokian* Intelligent UHP Silica used as the top layer, or tread compound, is especially tailored for hard use and high speeds; it ensures that the feel for the road remains predictable under all circumstances.

The interim layers below the tread surface consist of a nano silica compound with small molecules. This unique combination makes the tyre much more responsive to steering than traditional rubber compounds.

 The bottom layer of the multi-layered structure is an especially rigid rubber compound that reduces the rolling resistance and heat generation of the tyre. Lower heat generation increases the tyre's durability, and low rolling resistance translates to lower fuel consumption and less environmentally harmful emissions.

Driving stability, wet grip, and aquaplaning resistance

 The deep, diagonal grooves on the longitudinal ribs next to the inner shoulder stabilise the driving behaviour of the tyre, while effectively preventing aquaplaning.

Hydro Grooves

The longitudinal ribs next to the inner shoulder are dominated by the deep diagonal grooves that stabilise driving behaviour. At the same time, this new Hydro Grooves innovation effectively prevents aquaplaning by clearing the water from between the driving surface and the tyre and routing it into the longitudinal grooves.

 The innovation also guarantees safe handling in rainy weather. Surge grooves were also designed on the transverse main grooves of the outer shoulder to provide additional protection against the dangers of aquaplaning.

Additional Information

EAN code 4053949992666
Vehicle Car
Season Summer
Width 255
Profile 40
Rim 18
Load 99
Speed Y
Date of Production 2016
Fuel Efficiency C
Wet Grip Rating A
Noise Rating 73
Run-Flat No

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