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NOKIAN 255/40R19 100V XL WR A3

NOKIAN 255/40R19 100V XL WR A3

Sku: GUNT428160NOKD16

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255/40R19 100V XL WR A3
Width: 255
Profile: 40
Rim: 19
Load: 100 = 800 Kg
Speed: V = 240 KMH
Run-Flat: No
Vehicle: Car
Season: Winter
Fuel Efficiency: B
Wet Grip Rating: C
Noise Rating: 73
Date of Production: 2016
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Forget the forecast

This non-studded winter tyre that is especially designed for high-performance cars guarantees a precise and sensitive steering feel even at high speeds.

The Nokian WR A3 works reliably under varying Central European winter conditions, and it offers exemplary handling in extreme driving situations.

 - excellent grip and driving feel under all conditions

- stable and easy to control, even at high speeds

- rolls lightly, preserving the environment and saving fuel Silent

Groove Design

Silent Groove Design is an innovation on the walls of the tyre's longitudinal ribs that improves driving comfort. The hemispherical indentations that resemble the surface of a golf ball control the air flow of the tyre.

 The indentations cut out any sounds induced by the edges of the transverse grooves and prevent any unpleasant howling sounds. The design reduces noise levels both inside and outside the vehicle, which makes driving pleasantly quiet.

More kilometres, less noise

 The indentations on the walls of the longitudinal ribs, like the surface of a golf ball, control the air flow and cool the surface of the tyre.

Silent Groove Design reduces air resistance, which cools the surface of the tyre. This improves the wear resistance of the tyre and provides the driver with more kilometres.

Handling under extreme conditions

 The Nanobase support layer allows the tyre to respond to steering and remain controllable even in extreme situations.


The bottom part of the tyre's multi-layered tread structure uses a special Nanobase support layer. The smaller molecular structure is made possible by the use of nanotechnology, and it ensures that the tyre can steer quickly and that it maintains its excellent handling while cornering, changing lanes, and evading obstacles.

More driving comfort

 Silent Sidewall Technology increases driving comfort by cutting out any noise and vibration that is carried over from the driving surface by the tyre tread.

Silent Sidewall Technology is a special zone constructed on the sidewall of the tyre that cuts out any noise and vibration carried over from the driving surface by the tyre tread. This reduces noise, making driving more stable and comfortable.

Additional Information

EAN code 4053949995278
Model WR A3
Vehicle Car
Season Winter
Width 255
Profile 40
Rim 19
Load 100
Speed V
Date of Production 2016
Fuel Efficiency B
Wet Grip Rating C
Noise Rating 73
Run-Flat No

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