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Bridgestone 175/65R15 84T BLIZZAK LM30 Bridgestone 195/50 R15 82H TL Blizzak LM-30 Continental 125/80R15 95M CONTACT CST17 Continental 195/60R16 89H WinterCONTACT TS 810 MO Continental 205/55R16 91H WinterCONTACT TS 850 Continental 285/35R20 104V XL WinterCONTACT TS 830 P MO Continental 205/60R16 96H XL WinterCONTACT TS 830 P Continental 205/60R16 96H XL TS830P CONTISEAL !!! Firestone 155/80R13 79T WinterHAWK 3 Bridgestone 235/55 R17 D-SPORT 99V TL AUD Q3 WAR AO Bridgestone 235/55R17 99H BLIZZAK LM80 EVO Continental 195/75R16C 107/105R VANCONTACT Winter Semperit 205/75R16C 110/108R VAN-GRIP 2 Semperit 185/80R14C 102/100Q VAN-GRIP 2 Semperit 215/75R16C 113/111R VAN-GRIP 2 Firestone 175/65R14 86T XL WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 185/65R15 88T WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 205/55R16 94H XL WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 205/50R17 93V XL WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 195/55R16 87H WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 195/60R15 88T WinterHAWK 3 Semperit 195/70R15 97T XL VAN-GRIP 2 Firestone 215/55R16 97H XL WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 195/65R15 91H MULTISEASON Firestone 205/55R16 94V XL MULTISEASON Firestone 215/55R16 97V XL MULTISEASON Firestone 175/65R14 82T MULTISEASON Firestone 185/60R15 88H XL MULTISEASON Firestone 205/55R16 91H MULTISEASON Firestone 205/60R16 92H MULTISEASON Firestone 195/55R15 85H WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 215/60R16 99H XL WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 165/65R14 79T WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 175/65R15 84T WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 205/65R15 94T WinterHAWK 3 Firestone 195/50R15 82T WinterHAWK 3 Bridgestone 235/65 R17 104H TL LM80EVO LAML Bridgestone 265/65 R17 DM-V2 112R TL Bridgestone 185/60 R14 LM001 82T TL LAML Bridgestone 185/65R14 86T BLIZZAK LM001 Bridgestone 265/70 R15 DM-V2 112R TL NC Hankook 235/50R18 101V XL Winter I'CEPT EVO2 W320 Hankook 235/40R18 95V XL Winter I'CEPT EVO2 W320 Hankook 235/55R18 104V XL Winter I'CEPT EVO2 SUV W320A Nexen 225/55R16 99V XL WINGUARD SPORT Hankook 195/50R16 88H XL Winter I'CEPT EVO2 W320 Hankook 225/60R17 99H Winter I'CEPT EVO2 W320 Nexen 225/60R16 102V XL WINGUARD SPORT Nexen 225/55R16 99H XL WINGUARD SPORT Nexen 215/55R16 97H XL WINGUARD SPORT Hankook 275/45R19 108V XL Winter I'CEPT EVO2 SUV W320A Nexen 235/55R18 100V N'FERA RU1 Nexen 225/65R17 102H WINGUARD SUV Nexen 195/65R15 91H WINGUARD SNOW'G WH2 Nexen 225/35ZR18 87Y XL N'FERA SU1 Nexen 205/40R16 79W N'FERA SU1 Nexen 215/40R16 86W XL N'FERA SU1 Nexen 235/55R19 105V XL N'FERA RU1 Nexen 265/30R19 93Y XL N'FERA SU1 Nexen 195/60R15 88H WINGUARD SNOW'G WH2 MWD MW15233 (F8737-FL515024) 6x15 Fiat 500L 15233 si MWD MW15234 (F6735-SU515004) 5x15 Suzuki Swift YP6 MWD MW15245 6x15 Renault Zoe MWD MW15248 (F5000-FO515017) 6Jx15 B-Max u.a. 154529 MWD MW15249 (F7775-RE515029) 6x15 Dacia Lodgy Pirelli 235/50R18 97H SCORPION STR * Nexen 215/70R15 98T WINGUARD SUV Nexen 215/50R17 95V XL WINGUARD SPORT Nexen 165/70R14 81T WINGUARD SNOW'G WH2 MWD MW15258 (F8932-RE515031) 6x15 Logan MCV sw 154549 MWD MW15263-(F7823-PS515053) 6.5x15 Peug.308 154579 MWD MW15264 (F7340-NI515010) 5,5x15 Nissan Note Nexen 185/75R16C 104/102R WINGUARD WT1 Nexen 205/75R16C 113/111R WINGUARD WT1 Nexen 175/60R14 79H N'BLUE HD PLUS Nexen 235/55R19 105V XL WINGUARD SPORT Nexen 215/65R16C 109/107R WINGUARD WT1 Nexen 195/70R15C 104/102R WINGUARD WT1 Nexen 225/70R15C 112/110R WINGUARD WT1 Pirelli 235/55R17 99V W 240 SOTTOZERO MO Nexen 175/65R14 82T WINGUARD SNOW'G WH2 MWD MW15205 (F4130/F7635) 6x15 Nissan,Dacia u.a. sw MWD MW15207 (F7815-PS515048-) 6.5x15 Peug. 308 sw MWD MW15211 (F7680-FL515013) 6x15 F. Linea si 154594 MWD MW15217 (F7255-FO515015) 6x15 Ford Fiesta sw MWD MW16136 (F9493-PS516018) 6x16 C3 Picasso MWD MW16183 (F9118-FO616009) 6,5x16 Ford Transit MWD MW16185 (F8183-SU516007) 6x16 Suz.SX4 sw 163377 MWD MW16193 (F8312-RE516020) 6,5x16 Renault Captur MWD MW16201 (F7856-NI516005) 6,5x16 Qashqai II Pirelli 255/40R19 100V XL W 240 SOTTOZERO MO MWD MW16116 (F9783-PS516015) 7x16 Peugeot 308 sw Kumho 205/65R15C 102/100T SOLUS VIER KH21 Kumho 215/65R16C 109/107T SOLUS VIER KH21 Achilles 205/60R16 92H 122 Achilles 215/45ZR18 93W XL ATR SPORT Achilles 215/55R17 98W XL 2233 Achilles 215/60R16C 108/106Q MULTIVAN Pirelli 235/55R17 99Y P7cint (AO) Achilles 245/35ZR19 93W XL ATR SPORT 2
Achilles 245/40R18 97W XL 2233 Achilles 245/55R19 103V Achilles Desert Hawk UHP Achilles 165/45R16 74V XL ATR-K ECONOMIST Achilles 165/65R13 77T 122 Achilles 165/70R13 79H 122 Achilles 175/55R15 77V ATR-K ECONOMIST Achilles 215/60R17C 109/107Q MULTIVAN Achilles 255/30R21 95W XL ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 255/45R20 105V XL DESERT HAWK UHP Achilles 255/50R19 107V XL DESERT HAWK UHP Pirelli 215/60R16 99H XL CINTURATO P 7 Pirelli 315/35R20 110V XL SCORP. ICE SNOW * RFT !!! Achilles 175/60R13 77H 122 Achilles 175/60R15 81H ATR SPORT Achilles 175/65R15 84T 122 Achilles 175/70R13 82H 122 Achilles 185/55R15 86V XL ATR SPORT Achilles 185/55R16 83V 2233 Achilles 185/60R13 80H 122 Achilles 185/60R14 82H 122 Achilles 225/40ZR18 92W XL ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 225/45R19 96W XL ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 275/35R18 99W XL ATR SPORT Achilles 185/65R14 86H 122 Achilles 195/40R17 81V XL ATR-K ECONOMIST Achilles 195/50R16 84V ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 225/55R16 99W XL 2233 Achilles 225/55R17 101W XL ATR SPORT Achilles 225/70R15C 112/110T MULTIVAN Achilles 275/40R20 106V XL DESERT HAWK UHP Kumho 175/65R13 80T I'ZEN KW23 Achilles 205/40R18 86W XL ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 235/45R17 97W XL ATR SPORT 2 Achilles 235/45R18 98W XL ATR SPORT 2 Pirelli 185/65R15 88T W190 SNOWCONTROL3 Kumho 275/40R20 106W XL I'ZEN RV KC15 Kumho 225/50R17 94V I'ZEN KW27 XRP!!! Kumho 205/45R17 84V I`ZEN KW27 XRP !!! Kumho 205/50R17 89V I'ZEN KW27 XRP!!! Pirelli 205/55R16 91H W210 SNOWCONTROL3 Kumho 235/50R17 96Y ECSTA LE SPORT KU39 Kumho 145/65R15 72T SOLUS VIER KH21 Kumho 185/80R14C 102/100Q PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 195/60R16C 99/97T PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 195/80R14C 106/104Q PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 195/70R15C 104/102R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 165/65R14 79T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 175/65R14 82T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/55R15 86H XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/60R14 82T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/65R14 86T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/50R15 82H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/55R15 85H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/55R16 87H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 205/60R16 96H XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 215/65R16 98H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/70R15C 104/102Q KC11 POWER GRIP Kumho 215/45R17 87V ECOWING ES01 KH27 Pirelli 225/65R16C 112/110R CARRIER Kumho 205/55R16 91H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 155/70R13 75T SOLUS HA31 Pirelli 175/65R14 82T W190 SNOWCONTROL3 Kumho 195/65R16C 104/102T PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 225/40R19 93V XL I'ZEN KW27 Kumho 205/65R16 95V I'ZEN KW27 Kumho 235/60R16 100H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/70R14 88T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 155/60R15 74T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/55R16 97H XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 225/60R16 102V XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/50R16 81H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 185/55R16 83H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 215/40R17 87V XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/60R15 88H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 165/70R14 81T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 205/55R16 94V XL SOLUS HA31 Kumho 175/70R13 82T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 185/65R14 86T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 175/70R14 84T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 195/50R15 82H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 165/70R13 79T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 175/65R13 80T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/65R15 96H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/60R15 88T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 155/60R15 74T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 235/60R18 107H XL I'ZEN RV KC15 Kumho 225/65R16C 112/110R KC11 POWER GRIP Kumho 185/60R14 82T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 175/80R14 88T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 155/65R14 75T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 195/55R15 85H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 145/80R13 75T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 205/60R15 91H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 205/60R16 92H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 165/60R14 75H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 155/80R13 79T SOLUS HA31 Kumho 195/65R15 91T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 195/65R15 95T XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 205/55R16 91T WinterCRAFT WP51 Nexen 225/40R18 92V XL WINGUARD SPORT
Kumho 165/70R14 81T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 175/65R15 84T WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 205/45R16 87H XL WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 205/50R16 87H WinterCRAFT WP51 Kumho 225/75R16C 121/120R PORTRAN CW51 Pirelli 255/50R19 107V XL SCORPION Winter * RFT!!! Kumho 215/60R17 96H I'ZEN RV KC15 Kumho 235/50R18 97W CRUGEN HP91 Kumho 205/55R16 91V WinterCRAFT WP51 Pirelli 225/45R18 95V XL W 240 SOTTOZERO 2 * RFT !!! Pirelli 215/60R17 100V XL SCORPION Winter Pirelli 225/65R17 102T SCORPION Winter Pirelli 205/60R16 92V P7 Blue Kumho 215/65R16C 109/107R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 235/65R16C 115/113R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 205/75R16C 110/108R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 205/70R15C 106/104R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 225/65R16C 112/110R PORTRAN CW51 Kumho 225/45R17 94V XL SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/65R16 98H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/60R16 95H SOLUS HA31 Kumho 225/55R16 99V XL SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/55R16 97H XL SOLUS HA31 Kumho 215/65R15 96H SOLUS HA31 Pirelli 295/40R21 111V XL SCORP-Winter Pirelli 205/75R16C 110R WinterCARRIER Pirelli 195/65R15 91H CINTURATO P 1 VERDE Pirelli 225/65R16C 112R Winter CARRIER Pirelli 175/70R14C 95/93T WinterCARRIER Pirelli 195/50R16 88H XL W210c3 Pirelli 205/45R17 88V XL WINT SOTTOZERO 3 Pirelli 295/45R20 114V XL SCORP-Winter Alcar F3000-SU514010-14202z 5Jx14 Suz. Celerio 143612 Continental 215/70R16 100T WinterContact TS 850 P SUV Semperit 145/80R13 75T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 145/70R13 71T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 165/70R13 79T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 175/70R13 82T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 175/70R14 84T MASTER-GRIP 2 Continental 255/50R20SUV 109H XL TS830P AO Alcar F4003-MC515008-15270 5Jx15 Smart Fortwo III si Alcar F4004-MC515009-15271 5,5Jx15 Smart Fortwo III si Semperit 175/70R14 88T XL MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 155/65R13 73T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 155/65R14 75T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 165/65R15 81T MASTER-GRIP 2 Alcar F4040-DJ513002-13114 5x13 Che Aveo Kalo SW 133571 Semperit 175/60R15 81T MASTER-GRIP 2 Semperit 165/60R15 77T MASTER-GRIP 2 Maxxis 155/65R13 73T AP2 ALL SEASON Alcar F4025-HO515019-15284 6Jx15 HON Jazz III 154647 sw Bridgestone 175/70R14 84T B250 Maxxis 205/55R15 88V AP2 ALL SEASON Maxxis 195/65R14 93H XL AP2 ALL SEASON Semperit 205/45R17 88Y XL SPEED-LIFE 2 Maxxis 135/80R15 73T AP2 ALL SEASON Maxxis 205/45R16 87V XL AP2 ALL SEASON COOPER 235/75R15 109T XL WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 245/65R17 107T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 245/70R16 107T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 215/70R16 100T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 235/70R16 106T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 265/65R17 112T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 235/60R18 107T XL WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 235/55R18 100T WEATHERMASTER WSC COOPER 225/55R18 98T WEATHERMASTER WSC Stahlfelgen F5155(SU514006-14162) 5x14 Splash ua schw 93193923 Goodyear 205/45R16 83H EA UG GW3 MS Alcar F5210-VO514015-(14082) 5x14 Polo u.a. SW 143502 Alcar F5215-MT514013-14195z 4,5x14 MMC Space Star Goodyear 265/70R16 112T ULTRAGRIP+ SUV Goodyear 165/65R14 79T EFFIGRIP COMPACT Goodyear 175/65R15 84T EFFIGRIP COMPACT Alcar F5270-MA514009-14180z 6x14 Mazda 2 schwarz Goodyear 195/65R15 91H VECTOR 4S G2 Goodyear 205/60R16 92H VECTOR 4S G2 Goodyear 215/55R16 93V VEC 4SEASONS G2 Goodyear 195/65R15 91H EFFIGRIP PERF Dunlop 205/55R16 91V SPORT BLURESPONSE Goodyear 205/50R17 93W XL EFFIGRIP PERF Dunlop 225/50R17 98H XL WIN SPORT 5 Dunlop 215/50R17 95V XL WIN SPORT 5 Goodyear 215/65R15C 104/102T CARGO UG 2 Dunlop 205/55R16 91H WIN SPORT 5 Alcar F5400-SU514008-14185 4.5x14 Suz. Alto, Niss Pixo Goodyear 195/60R16C 99/97H VECTOR 4S Alcar F5490-KI514004-(14158) 5x14 Picanto u.a. 143778 Goodyear 205/65R16C 107/105T CARGO VECTOR 2 Goodyear 195/60R16C 99/97T ULTRAGRIP 8 Alcar F6445(OP515024-15193) 6x15 Corsa D + E 155001 SW Alcar F6515-OP514021-(14170) 5.5x14 Corsa D/ Adam SW Bridgestone 155/60R20 80Q ECOPIA EP500 * Alcar F7010-TO514015-14123 5.5x14 Toy.Yaris 143757 sw Alcar F7011(FL616009-16209) 6x16 Duc. II/Maxi FL 163397 Alcar F7380-SU515003-(15216) 5.5x15 Agila,u.a.sw93193924 Stahlfelgen F7503-RE616016-16202 6x16 Trafic III schw 93866151 Stahlfelgen F7385-PS515052-(15261) 6,5x15 Peug.2008 sw3640288 Alcar F7625-TO516010-16134z 6.5x16 Avensis III sw Firestone 175/70R14 88T XL MULTIHAWK 2 Alcar F7215-RE515023-(15214) 6x15 Kangoo II si 154574