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Sku: DELBR78482

In stock

Width: 245
Profile: 45
Rim: 17
Load: 95 = 690 Kg
Speed: Y = 300 KMH
Run-Flat: Yes
Vehicle: Passenger car
Season: Summer
Fuel Efficiency: F
Wet Grip Rating: C
Noise Rating: 69
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Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat Tyres – Safety First

The Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres are Bridgestone’s high performance summer tyres – the Bridgestone RE050A tyres- equipped with Bridgestone’s patented RunFlat technology. Bridgestone Tyres, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers is credited with several innovative tyre technologies. And the RunFlat technology is one that is extremely important from the point of view of safety.

What is RunFlat Technology?

RunFlat technology is technology that keeps your vehicle mobile (running) even in the event of sudden loss of air pressure. The Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres sidewall is made of heat resistant rubber that does not lose rigidity when the tyre pressure is low or even zero. The tyres can thus support the weight of the car and keep the car in motion for a short distance (upto 80km at a speed of 80km/hr) which should be sufficient for you to reach home or the nearest garage.

Advantages of the Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat Tyres

The obvious advantage of course is that the Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres keep the vehicle stable and your control on the vehicle remains intact, when the pressure is low. Thus safety is greatly enhanced.

Then of course, you don’t have to put up with the inconvenience of changing tyres either in the midst of a busy motorway or in the midst of nowhere.

Lastly, since there is no need to carry a spare tyre, the overall car weight reduces, enhancing the performance by that much.

The Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres are the original equipment on the BMW Z4.

The Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat Tyres Performance

Like the Bridgestone RE050A tyres (on which they are based), the Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres provide maximum control and stability at high speeds on both wet and dry surfaces.

The tyres offer impressive handling and exhibit high levels of steering and braking responsiveness.

Wet performance is further enhanced due to the reduced risk of aquaplaning that decreases the chances of skidding on wet roads.

Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat Tyres – Performance Explained

The BridgestoneRE050A RunFlat tyres exhibit an asymmetric tread pattern. The outer rectangular shoulder blocks are responsible for conferring maximum dry handling characteristics and improved steering responsiveness.

The inner smaller tread blocks with sipes and the circumferential and lateral grooves provide good aquaplaning resistance and improved wet performance, handling and stability.

Ride Comfort

Due to the reinforced sidewalls of the Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat tyres, the ride quality is not so smooth. But it is a compromise to be made in the interest of greater safety (runflat technology).

Features and Benefits of Bridgestone RE050A RunFlat Tyres

  • Obvious safety advantage due to RunFlat technology.
  • Greater safety on wet and dry surface because of improved traction, leading to more precise braking responsiveness
  • Enhanced performance due to improved handling on wet and dry surface.
  • Greater safety on wet surface due to reduced risk of skidding.


Additional Information

EAN code 3286347848216
Vehicle Passenger car
Season Summer
Width 245
Profile 45
Rim 17
Load 95
Speed Y
Date of Production n/a
Fuel Efficiency F
Wet Grip Rating C
Noise Rating 69
Run-Flat Yes

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