Should I buy cheap or expensive tyres?

Buying tyres; the question arises, why are some tyres more expensive than others, if they are apparently the same? Lots of people choose cheaper tyres and put budget category tyres on their cars. Those who prefer not to buy used tyres, but they cannot afford the expensive category, will end up buying chep, unknown brands. The premium category tyres (Michelin, Pirelli, Continental etc.) are made from high quality raw materials, the mixture of natural and artificial tyres are optimal of which the abrasion is very slow for a longer period. The price of a cheaper tyre is lower, on one hand because is made of poor quality raw materials and wears out sooner and is more sensitive to the change of the temperature, on the other hand they have less advertising and marketing contribution. An advantage of the more expensive tyres is that they have a longer life spam and adhere better than the cheaper once. This can be tested by you too, when suddenly stop that moment cheaper tyres will slide a bit, owing to a longer braking distance. Premium category tyres have better adherance. Unfortunatelly it can be mostly experienced the case of an accident, when better adhesion or braking shows a great difference. Tyres can be cheaper in other cases as well. For instance if have little time for ivestigating and planning the correct pattern it results in tyres becoming less efficient and noisier. Generally the design patterns of budget tyres are an idea stolen from top producers, so they are not designed ’in-house”. Consequently tyres on the market have a higher noise level. Noise can also be due to the reason that cheap tyres are too stiff compared to quality ones and the variety of rubbish, stones, nails, etc. that are on the roads get stuck between the grooves of the profil therefore making them noisier.


When buying cheap tyres you might also be buying some deficiency. But the most important thing is that it offers worse adherence and wears away quicker than better quality tyres. The quality tyres have only one disadvantage, which is the higher price. Our reccommendation is that you buy a set of good quality tyres for your own safety. In addition they last longer than the cheaper category. In time you will certainly realize that you made a good choice.