One of the most important basic raw materials of the tyre is the rubber. We would like to share some ideas.

On the basis of its external appearance we come to think that tyres are made from exclusively rubber, but in fact they have four chief components: rubber, cord, metal and chemical substances. The rubber is a third of the tyre. Caoutchouc is 30% of the rubber, the subsisting 70 % are synthetic rubber polymer obtained from petroleum. The 70 % of the caoutchouc produced world over is given by three countries: Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The caoutchouc is much in demand as it is used for many other things besides tyre manufacturing.

Due to the rise of raw materials this year, the expenses of the tyre manufacturers has risen as well, putting up the level of expenses. First the wholesalers experience the price increase, but the public will feel the effect of the rise as well.

One of the greatest tyre producers in the world, Continental announced that the rise in price of the caoutchouc means considerable extra expense, which could be at the equivalent of 500 millio euro burden for the enterprise this year. For that reason the price increase will take place, which will be carried out step by step. The tyres of Hankook rise by 4-5 % from 1 April. The company has indicated, that the profitability of the company will not rise due to the price increase, only it compensates the negative effects deriving from the rise of raw materials. Pirelli tyres could be more expensive with a 9 % increase soon, while Goodyear already raised its prices from 1 March.

Certainly the prices of the budget category tyres will also increase by 10-15 %.

So if your tyres are worn out, replace them asap, because there will soon be a price increase. These tyres are available at good prices from us.


The Wowtyres Team